Alert: NH PDMP Phishing Websites

January 26, 2017

Please be aware that some physicians have had problems with malicious websites posing as the New Hampshire Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (PDMP) website. Concord Hospital shared the following information:

"Since the development of the NH Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (PDMP) website, a number of "phishing" websites have been developed with similar names.

The state of New Hampshire developed a website containing dispensing information for all controlled prescription medications.  This website is accessed by providers and delegates as required by the Board of Medicine's opioid rules."

The correct website to access the system is:

"If individuals use Google or other search engines malicious sites come up on the search. Do not access or  as these are malicious and have locked PCs in the process. It seems these both have been discovered by doing a Google search, not by entering the website name."

It is recommended that PDMP users save the correct link in their favorites list and access it from there to avoid errors.