Are You a Pre-Trial Panel Volunteer?

February 21, 2018


Over 600 NH licensed physicians have signed up to be volunteers for pre-trial panels for medical liability cases.  But, that’s not enough!  The NH Superior Court system needs a larger volunteer pool in order to avoid conflicts in cases involving a physician from a particular area or health system in the state.    Most panels meet for one day – a few may go into a 2nd day and the courts are giving panelists several months notice for the actual date of the panel. 

Please help your colleagues make the panel system work in New Hampshire by signing up today.  Without the support of the medical community, the panel system will fail.  Please sign-up by contacting  and providing her with your name, medical specialty and up-to-date contact information or complete the form below.  Currently there is a critical need in the areas of cardiology, neurology and orthopedics.

The screening panel law, RSA 519-B, became effective in August 2005.  The NH Medical Society must maintain a list of physician volunteers to serve on the panels (see excerpt from law below). Each panel consists of a judge, lawyer and health professional.

519-B:3 Formation and Procedure.

I. The chief justice of the superior court shall maintain a list of retired judges, persons with judicial experience, and other qualified persons to serve on screening panels under this chapter, from which he or she shall choose a panel chairperson under paragraph II of this section. The chief justice of the superior court shall maintain lists of health care practitioners and attorneys with litigation experience, recommended by  their respective professional organizations to serve on screening panels under this chapter. As required by the chief justice, the professional organization of each profession shall inform the chief justice of the names of volunteers to serve on panels.

Questions?  Contact Joy Potter at NHMS 800-564-1909.  Thank you.

Information and Guidelines for Panelists