NH Behavioral Health Summit

The NH Behavioral Health Summit is the EXCLUSIVE statewide event in NH for behavioral healthcare providers and organizations, including mental health and substance use disorders.

Early Bird Registration is now open!

Conference Objectives:

  • Provide opportunities for policy makers to interact with service providers, so that this interaction may inform and provide direction for the policy needs and address policy barriers to service provision;

  • Provide educational opportunities that address the behavioral health policy and service needs of children and adolescents, adults, and the elderly;

  • Provide educational opportunities that help participants understand the changing substance use,  mental health, and primary health landscape;

  • Provide educational opportunities that encourage expansion of the workforce relative to health promotion, prevention, early identification and intervention, treatment and recovery supports;

  • Provide opportunities that increase familiarity of the various disciplines and systems in order to promote collaboration and enhance care coordination; and

  • Support the provision of evidenced based practices.