Practical Managment of COPD: The Team and the Tools

Breathe New HampshireThis conference presents evidence-based practical management strategies of COPD in health care settings. The $125 registration fee includes breakfast, lunch and 6.5 credit hours. CME open to all healthcare providers involved in the care and management of patients with COPD.

At the end of the session, participants will be able to:

  • Utilize tools that guide co-morbidity assessment, understand the impact of co-morbidities on COPD management and identify methods to include patient goals in a management plan;       
  • Describe the value of spirometry testing in the diagnosis of COPD and other lung diseases;
  • Appreciate the different categories of COPD medications and the devices they are delivered in;
  • Identify treatments available for nicotine cessation and compare and contrast the efficacy of monotherapy versus combination therapy;
  • Describe the various COPD innovations that are happening in New Hampshire;
  • Understand the proven benefits of pulmonary rehabilitation, explore potential ways for its implementation and recognize challenges to widespread use;
  • Effectively manage acute COPD exacerbations and optimize post-hospitalization management