Carfentanil Hits NH (BDAS Brief)

May 4, 2017

Today's NH DHHS's Bureau of Drug and Alcohol Services's Monthly Brief included this review on the dangers of carfentanil and list of resources:

As you are probably aware, the deadly synthetic opioid carfentanil has arrived in the granite state.

That means all of our jobs just became infinitely more difficult whether you're a treatment provider working against time and the law of odds, a first responder concerned for your own safety, or a active user struggling to find a pathway to recovery before it's too late. 

Governor Sununu gave a press conference about the dangers of the synthetic opioid carfentanil on Wednesday April 26th, following New Hampshire overdose deaths that have been linked to the substance.
Carfentinil vial
Carfentanil is an animal tranquilizer that has been used safely by many veterinarians treating very large animals like horses, elephants, and other zoo animals. The substance is 100 times more powerful than fentanyl and can be absorbed through air and skin contact, but there have been no reports of public safety providers exhibiting signs or symptoms of narcotic exposure from carfentanil present on a scene.

Carfentanil is often cut and sold as heroin or cocaine or pressed into pills. During this process, the drug may not be evenly distributed among the filler, which means that active users may receive all carfentanil at once. (Visualize the vial filled with both carfentanil and a substance like a laundry detergent or flour.) 
Please circulate these additional resources throughout your communities

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