Coming Together to Prevent Suicides in N.H.

The N.H. Suicide Prevention Council recently teamed up with medical, law enforcement, military, corrections and school personnel in hopes of raising awareness about suicide, including: the resources available in New Hampshire, educating the community on warning signs of those who may be at risk, and highlighting current initiatives in prevention, such as the State Police Peer-to-Peer program.

Speaking on behalf of the New Hampshire Medical Society, Dr. Stuart Glassman stressed the importance of providers asking the right questions and taking the time to check for warning signs and the collaborative efforts of those striving to prevent suicide.

"As healthcare providers, as physicians, the medical society is really focused on trying to get the message out that we play a role at identifying at-risk patients," said Glassman. "We're helping to be a part of the culture of change to really discuss these issues openly with no judgment and try to provide the best care that we can."

The press event was covered by WMUR. Read more