Health Insurance

Accountability of Health Insurance Carriers
American Hospital Association Heatlh Care Reform Proposal
Availability of Psychiatric Consultation
Distribution of Premiums Collected by Managed Care Companies
Equality in Medicare Benefits
Excessive Documentation Requirements from CIGNA
Explanation of Medicare Benefits Statement
Fairness in Managed Care
Global Fees
Grievance Procedures (Independent) for Managed Care Insurance Plans
Health Access America
Health Insurance Cost Containment Involving Prescription Drugs
Health Plan Negotiations
Healthcare Provider Shortage Area (HPSA) Exemption
Hold Harmless Clauses
House Resolution (Medicare reform for geographic disparities)
Independent Grievance Procedures for Managed Care Insurance Plans
Inequities in Implementation of RBRVS
Insurance Company Sharing of Hospital Discounts
Insurance Contract Renewal/Renegotiation
Legislation to Protect Physicians from Liability for Claims Arising from Conformance to Managed Care Requirements
Liability of Health Insurance Carriers
Limit Scope of EMTALA to Original Legislative Intent
Medicare Fraud and Abuse
Medicare Patients - Managed Care of HMO Insurance Plans
Medicare Payment for Psychiatric Diagnoses
National Commission for Quality Assurance 1/28/95
National Commission for Quality Assurance 6/95
New Hampshire Healthy Kids
On-line Managed Care Organization Formularies
Pharmacist Incentive Programs
Physician Office Laboratory Testing
Post-Operative Services Under Managed Care
Potential Reductions in Medicare Reimbursements
Practice of Medicine by Workers' Compensation Managed Care Organization Non-physician Staff
Pre-certification for Diagnostic Imaging Services
Principles for Managed Care/Prohibition of Unfair Discrimination
Prohibiting "All Products" Clauses
Rejection of HCFA's Proposed 2000 E&M Guidelines
Rejection of Office of Inspector General (OIG) "Draft Compliance Proposed Guidelines for Individual and Small Group Physician Practices"
Resolution No. 6... (Medical Courtesy Card Program)
Resource-based Relative Value Scale (RBRVS)
Tiered, Narrow or Restricted Physician Networks
Timely Reimbursement