JUA Excess Surplus Distributions - Phase I of II

February 21, 2013, Dr. Georgia Tuttle, one of the lead plaintiffs in the NH Medical Malpractice Joint Underwriters Association class action lawsuit, praised the efforts by all the plaintiffs, including Lakes Region General Hospital and Derry Medical Center.  Dr. Tuttle said, “I am pleased to see that after years of legal proceedings, policyholders are finally receiving their share of the excess surplus.  The lawsuit kept the excess funds from ending up in the 2009 state budget and correctly supports the rights of policyholders.”

As a final effort, Dr. Tuttle has gathered support from a dozen colleagues to ask policyholders to consider donating a portion of their JUA distribution to the John P. Bowler Memorial Library Fund, which is a non-profit fund housed at the New Hampshire Medical Society.

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To donate a portion of your JUA excess surplus distribution click on the following: [PDF] or [Word]