Developmental Screening Survey Due October 15

September 29, 2017

Special Medical Services is conducting a survey to assist in improving the developmental screening system in New Hampshire. The purpose is to assess the current developmental screening practice, across disciplines, of providers of services to young children.

The objectives are:

  1. Assess what developmental screening tools are being used in our state and by whom
  2. Identify what data is being collected relative to developmental screening tools  in NH. This should include who is collecting it, where is it being collected, what is accessible in terms of reports.
  3. Identify the gaps between what currently exists and what is needed to achieve a coordinated statewide system for collecting and reporting standardized developmental screening data
  4. Prepare a summary report, including recommendations, along with a presentation for a stakeholder meeting to be planned in coordination with the Act Early State Team, Special Medical Services and Watch Me Grow

The information gathered from the survey will be analyzed this fall and available in January. In order for New Hampshire to have a coordinated system that includes data collection on a variety of developmental screening tools, referral, response and treatment components, this survey is crucial to gather that information. New Hampshire’s leaders will continue to engage in cross system planning and coordination of activities, while working toward a comprehensive, coordinated developmental screening system. SMS will continue to collaborate with Watch Me Grow, New Hampshire Pediatric Improvement Project, Family Resource Centers and other stakeholders to increase the number of locations that provide developmental screening to children across the state. 

Individuals are being asked to complete this survey as ONE site/practice before October 15th. Please be aware when we are talking about developmental screening tools, this includes standardized tools, ones that are embedded within your current practice (sometimes pieces of tools), or family completed questionnaires. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP/Bright Futures) defines developmental screening as the administration of a brief standardized tool that aids in the identification of children at risk of a developmental disorder.  

Take the Survey

If you have any questions about this project or developmental screening within our state, please feel free to email Jennifer Doris M. Ed, Program Specialist III for the Bureau of Developmental Services/Special Medical Services at the NH Department of Health and Human Services.