HB463 And Its Critical Amendment

April 26, 2017

A quick email from you could make a difference in your drinking water. It can just say that you are in favor of lowering the standard for PFC contaminants in our drinking water. Testimony before the committee is even more effective.

Bill name: House Bill 463 and its critical amendment 

Purpose: HB463 will hold corporations responsible for emitting pollution into the air that contaminates groundwater. The amendment makes DES lower the ambient water quality standard for PFCs in DRINKING WATER, based on the best available science. The current standard is 70 parts per trillion. Other states are much lower at 20 (Vermont), and are going from 40 to 14 (NJ). DuPont settled millions of dollars out of court for negative health effects at 50 parts per trillion. If you have questions, please email Mindi.Messmer@leg.state.nh.us.  She is the sponsor of the amendment, a Rye rep and very knowledgeable about the science and hydrogeology of toxic contamination in our water. 

Date of hearing: Tuesday, May 2, at 9:15 am 

Emails to:  Kevin.Avard@leg.state.nh.us





Testimony at: Senate Energy Committee in the State House. Ask the reception desk for the room number.