Hepatitis A Virus (HAV) Outbreak Continues in New Hampshire Update 2

On September 25, 2019, NH DHHS issued another health alert update on the continuing Hepatitis A Virus Outbreak in New Hampshire.

KNH Division of Public Health Services Health Alert Networkey Points and Recommendations:

  1. The hepatitis A virus (HAV) outbreak in New Hampshire is ongoing. There have been 220 acute HAV infections diagnosed since the outbreak began in November 2018; August had the highest number of infections to date with 37 reported infections. 
  2. To bring this outbreak under control, we need healthcare providers and facilities serving highrisk populations to increase screening for risk factors (e.g. homeless or unstable housing, any substance use, etc.) and vaccinate high-risk individuals at the point of care. This includes emergency departments, facilities providing substance use treatment (e.g. medication-assisted therapy), facilities serving people experiencing homelessness, and correctional facilities. 
  3. Facilities that may not have capacity to offer vaccination should reach out to their Regional Public Health Network representative to arrange hepatitis A vaccination for clients: https://www.dhhs.nh.gov/dphs/rphn/documents/rphncontactlist.pdf 
  4. Vaccination recommendations from our past HAV outbreak HAN still apply: https://www.dhhs.nh.gov/dphs/cdcs/alerts/documents/hepatitis-a-update.pdf 
  5. Report any suspect or confirmed cases of HAV infection promptly to the NH Division of Public Health Services (DPHS) by calling 603-271-4496 (after hours 603-271-5300).

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