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Welcome! Whether joining as a new member, renewing, or just contemplating membership in our organization, you have come to the right place.  We are the only organization that represents ALL New Hampshire physicians.

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Who can join?

Active Members shall be physicians, except as otherwise specifically noted, who are in good standing and who shall pay dues.  Only active members may vote at the General Session and hold office unless otherwise specified below.

Associate Members are physicians who are active members in another state medical society.  Associate members shall pay dues as determined by the Council.

Post-graduate Trainee Members include medical students, interns, residents or fellows who may or may not be licensed to practice medicine in New Hampshire. These are eligible to be post-graduate trainee members.  Such members shall not be required to pay dues.

Emeritus Members shall have been members in good standing of this Society or another state medical society for a period of at least 25 years and one or more of the following circumstances shall apply: full retirement from all medical employment, attainment of at least age 65 or full disability.

Honorary Members shall be persons in this or other states who have acquired honorable distinction in their profession and whom the Society wishes to acknowledge with membership.  A two-thirds vote of the Council shall be necessary for their election.  They shall not be required to pay dues.

Physician Assistant Members of this Society are those physician assistants who are licensed by the State Board of Medicine and are supervised by a physician who is a member of the Society.  Physician Assistant members shall pay dues as determined by the Council.

All officers, members of the Council shall be members in good standing of the state Society and shall be current in the payment of dues.

Dues Structure:

We offer a varied dues structure depending on your tenure in the profession. Recognizing that the beginning of a physician’s career can be most challenging, we offer complimentary membership for our medical students/residents and reduced membership fees for your first and second year membership as licensed physicians.

Member Type

2020 Dues & Assessments*


$ 465

Second Year

$ 239

First Year Application Fee

$ 99


$ 40

Physician Assistant

$ 239


$ 139


$     -

Post-graduate Trainees

$     -

*  Except for the First Year Application fee, all amounts include a $30 building assessment and a $10 legal/tort assessment.




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All membership is subject to Council approval.

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