September 26, 2016

We have gotten a fair amount of feedback in regards to the work the society has been doing on the opioid crisis (kudos to Seddon Savage) as well as the legislative work that Janet Monahan and Jim Potter have actively engaged in. Some people have suggested we have too much about legislative issues in our newsletter and and on our website, some think it is not enough. We very much want to hear your opinions good and bad – hopefully not indifferent. 

Just recently we received a letter with some valid criticisms of the recent article on schedule 1 drugs and suggested topics which might be more relevant to active practitioners. The suggestions were good ones, but unfortunately the letter was sent anonymously. While that is certainly the right of people who wish to protect their privacy, it does make it more difficult for us to respond directly to that person. Hopefully this does not reflect a general sense that the medical society is not fully accepting of all members’ opinions – we definitely do not all agree at our council meetings and are well aware of the fact that no one of us speaks for all of us. 

I am hopeful that we can continue an open dialogue and that we can all feel comfortable with open, collegial discourse and feel safe in knowing that our personal opinions will be kept confidential (unless of course they are voluntarily shared with the community, as I have just done!).

Collegially yours,

John R. Butterly, MD

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