November 6, 2018

My presidency of the Medical Society is coming to a close at this weekend’s NHMS Annual Scientific Conference at the Wentworth Hotel in New Castle, November 9-11. I hope to see many of you there for this year’s informative meeting with lectures on a variety of current and relevant medical topics including physician burnout, exercise as a major positive influence in the treatment of serious mental health disorders and three hours of lectures on opiate use issues that will fulfill our NH opiate competency CME requirements. I will also be presenting a talk on “The Impact of Firearms on Public Health” covering many of the aspects of this subject, which has been my main mission and focus for many years, including during my tenure as president of NHMS.

In the blog posts that I have presented throughout the year, I have focused on a variety of issues involving medicine, public health and society that have impacted me in a major way. I hope they impacted you as well. I know from feedback I’ve received that some of those topics (gun violence and the need for increased gun control measures, the inhumane treatment of immigrants at our Southern Border and also several articles on a personal and professional passion of mine, namely the repeal of the death penalty in NH and the US) may have been too political for some and “right on” for others. Nevertheless, I do hope I have stimulated reasonable conversations and discussions about issues important to all of us.  

I want to thank everyone for listening and at times responding to my communications throughout this year of my presidency. It has been my pleasure to represent all of you as President of NHMS this last year. I thank you for trusting me with this important responsibility and honor. 

This last year has gone by quickly for me. I could not have done it without the consistent help from our Executive Vice President Jim Potter and all our great NHMS staff, and I thank them all for their competent support. I will be handing over the presidency of NHMS into the capable hands of Tessa Lafortune-Greenberg, MD, on Saturday evening November 10, during the Annual Meeting of the NHMS at the Wentworth by the Sea Hotel. I wish her well in this coming year.

As always, I would appreciate your comments on this and other issues affecting public health and society, and the interconnections between them. I can be reached at


Len Korn, MD

President, New Hampshire Medical Society