November 8, 2017

This past Saturday, I had the honor to be inaugurated as president of your New Hampshire Medical Society.  What an awesome experience being with such a supportive crowd at our Annual Scientific Meeting in lovely Meredith, NH. As noted in my inaugural address, I hope I carry this august responsibility with grace, dignity and competence, as have so many before me.

The speech outlined my theme for the coming year as “the many points of intersection between mental health and medicine in general.” It is certainly an area of particular interest for me as a psychiatrist, but also for the Medical Society as well. Indeed, mental health issues were rated the number one issue in our 2017 survey of New Hampshire physicians.

There are two imminent crises facing our state.  This first is the overcrowding of designated psychiatric facilities, especially New Hampshire Hospital, with the result that patients initially committed are spending days or weeks waiting in those hospital emergency departments without receiving the psychiatric treatment that they need, deserve and are legally entitled to receive. The second crisis is the overwhelming issue of opiate addiction and opiate overdose deaths. Your NHMS will continue to focus on both of these complicated issues throughout this coming year.

In this coming year, I will try to blog on issues relevant to the practice of medicine and public health in general in our ever-changing world. Please feel free to share your thoughts and ideas by contacting me at