In 1791, Josiah Bartlett and 23 others doctors came together to enjoy each other’s company and to be the vanguard for our sacred profession... and the NHMS was born!   They spent much of the first century of our existence setting standards for professional conduct, emphasizing scientific rigor, and building membership.  Perhaps most important to them was fellowship with other doctors – as evidenced by always meeting in taverns.

Our annual meeting continues the tradition set forth many years ago by our founders. Ours is a sacred and often difficult profession and I have experienced great conversation, support and friendship at our society meetings over the years.  I often learn as much, or more, from the interactions with my fellow attendees as from the formal programming.  I hope that you will plan to join us at our next annual meeting this November 8-10. Our conference theme is “Mental Illness:  Recognizing the Impact of this Hidden Co-morbidity” and we have a great lineup of speakers arranged for you. 

Given the established importance of fellowship, we felt that getting together once a year was not enough.  Last week we held our first social event – a wine tasting to benefit the Sheila Stanley counseling fund, with over 80 people in attendance.  We had a wonderful time sampling South American wines with friends old and new.  We learned that Sheila Stanley was a therapist at Womankind Counseling Center in Concord who embodied qualities we all strive for as health professionals: a deep commitment to her patients, compassion, kindness, joyfulness, and a passion for her work.  I am very pleased to report that we raised $4,750 to help men, women and children across the state in need of financial assistance for mental health counseling services – we made a difference for 10 individuals who will now have access to counseling. 

We thank our generous sponsors:  The Imported Grape and CMIC-RRG.  Without their generous support, this event would not have been possible.

We recognize that only a small number of our members were able to attend.  As we would like to have more opportunities to increase contact between our annual meetings, I would appreciate your ideas for future events that will help foster fellowship among our fellow physicians across the state.

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