May you live in interesting times …

My term as president of the New Hampshire Medical Society concludes at the end of this week, and the year has certainly been interesting.  While health care and the practice environment continue to change rapidly, the NHMS has been there at the table representing you, working to improve care and the public’s health without altering the sacred patient-physician relationship.  I feel incredibly privileged to have served you and the society.

We worked on issues that matter – to us, as physicians, and to our patients – including mental health, tobacco policy and access to care.  We advanced our mission, advocating for the well being of our patients, for our profession and for the betterment of the public health. 

In response to feedback from you, we worked on two initiatives that will enhance the physician experience.  DocbookMD – a HIPAA-compliant, web-based communication tool – will facilitate interaction and connectivity among physicians and their care teams.  And in 2014 we will launch a Physician Malpractice Support Group to address the isolation that comes when one is going through a malpractice suit.

This year we have done a lot together.  Most important to me has been the opportunity to spend time with my fellow physicians, share our stories and debate controversial issues as we try to make sense of, and influence, these interesting times.  I’m reminded of a Will Rogers quote: “A man only learns in two ways, one by reading, and the other by association with smarter people.”  I’ve done a great deal of both and have learned a lot from you.  Thank you.

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