July 31, 2017

Last week was an exciting week for me. Not only did my son go away to summer camp, but I also gained clarity in my plans for my job at the hospital. The best part of the week was the kickoff meeting for our new NH Physician Leadership Development Advisory Council. We have several leaders from across the state participating on the advisory council. As part of our program development, we are planning to survey New Hampshire physicians to better assess their needs in leadership training. We have developed and reviewed a survey tool that will be sent this week. Please complete it, even if you feel you would not want to participate or feel you wouldn't get anything from a program.

I used to think that my opinions were “too new, too inexperienced, and too mom”. I felt that my thoughts would not be thoughtful enough. I was afraid to participate in activities outside of my day-to-day work because of these fears. Then, somehow, something clicked and I saw that I could make a difference without an extraordinary amount of effort and time. I could offer my thoughts and they were heard. We need your voice too.

We need your input in helping us to prioritize our legislative agenda for 2018. We will be having preliminary meetings in late August to review our options and give our Advocacy Director, direction for the Society. If you are interested in participating, please contact James.Potter@nhms.org.  The more voices and opinions we gather, the stronger our position as a Medical Society.


Deborah Harrigan, MD

Please send comments and questions to president@nhms.org.