May 29,2019

I recently spent a Saturday morning at meetings of the Council of New England State Medical Societies and New England Delegation to the American Medical Association at the Massachusetts Medical Society Headquarters in Waltham, MA. Along with the other New England State Medical Society presidents, I presented our New Hampshire report to the group and discussed resolutions to bring to the AMA meeting in June.

It was great to see that our neighboring states are dealing with similar issues that we are working on in the Granite State. Vermont is working on leadership trainings, opioid prescribing and paid family leave.  Maine and Massachusetts are working on immunization requirements. Vermont and Connecticut are also advocating against marijuana commercialization legislation.

Some of the issues being addressed in our surrounding states that we are not currently involved in are reproductive rights, death with dignity or aid-in-dying legislation and maintenance of certification (MOC) issues. We discussed the resolutions brought forth that will be brought to the AMA meeting – disabled physician advocacy, high deductible health plan issues, health being a basic human right and access to commercial health plans. It was enjoyable to be a part of the discussions. I look forward to more in-depth discussions at the upcoming AMA meeting in Chicago.

Tessa Lafortune-Greenberg, MD
NHMS President

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