April 19, 2017

ChangeAs time passes, one must always stop to reflect upon aspects of life that we can change. To spend energy on evaluating oneself is always a good investment and helps us to determine a path forward.   When I took the oath of office as your president, I had strong opinions on how I thought the Medical Society could move forward into the future and how we could work to remain relevant to the changing demographics of our members. I am certain that my opinions are not always shared by the membership. So, we will ask you.

We are about to embark on a period of self-reflection with a membership survey. We have designed a new survey tool. This will be followed by a strategic planning session in May. You will soon receive an email link to the survey. It is very similar to our 2011 and 2013 surveys as we wanted to be able to trend the answers over time. There are a few new questions as well. 

Our goal for survey completion is 25% of our members. Please help us build the future of NHMS together.


Deb Harrigan, MD

Please send comments or questions to president@nhms.org.