A central role of NHMS is to work on policies to enhance the public's health and the practice environment.  At our most recent executive council meeting, we voted on two important health policy areas:  

1.  The New Hampshire Society of Eye Physicians and Surgeons brought forth an issue that some hospitals were not open to negotiating their service call relationships with specialty providers.  Following a spirited discussion of the nature of service call and our professional obligations, we unanimously voted to support physicians as they seek to pursue meaningful negotiations in providing service coverage. 

2.  Senator Ayotte recently co-sponsored Senate Bill 1461, a bill to exempt cigars from FDA oversight.  While the supporters claim that this would only apply to premium cigars, the language in the bill is not limited to them.  In fact, it would also exempt products such as Swisher Sweet Blunts and Cigarillos which come in chocolate and strawberry flavors and are specifically marketed to children.  We voted to oppose this effort to weaken the FDA, and NHMS has sent Senator Ayotte a letter asking her to withdraw her support of S. 1461.  You can help by calling Senator Ayotte at 603-622-7979 to encourage her to withdraw her support for this bill and stand up for children's health.  

If you have ideas that you feel are important to the public's health or the practice of medicine, please contact me.  The NHMS is here for you!