New Hampshire became the 49th state to adopt a prescription monitoring program (PMP) when then-Gov. John Lynch signed SB 286 into law in June 2012.

The PMP law requires pharmacists to report data when dispensing class II, III or IV controlled drugs.  That data will allow prescribers to electronically query the PMP before writing a prescription for a controlled drug for a particular patient.  The new program will help all physicians, not just emergency physicians, to appropriately prescribe controlled drugs without fear of over- or under-prescribing these substances.

Below are some quick facts about the PMP of which you should be aware: 

  • All prescribers and dispensers of controlled drugs will be required to register with the PMP.  Only authorized law enforcement officials with a court order on a specific case may access the data.
  • The PMP will start operating with money from a federal grant and be maintained by gifts, grants or user fees. 
  • The PMP will hopefully be operational by the end of 2013 once the N.H. Board of Pharmacy adopts rules for the program with the assistance of the advisory council, which includes a representative from NHMS.
  • The advisory council is comprised of the following members (as required by the law):

 A representative from each of the following:

  • N.H. Board of Medicine, appointed by such board
  • N.H. Board of Pharmacy, appointed by such board
  • N.H. Board of Dental Examiners, appointed by such board
  • N.H. Board of Nursing, appointed by such board
  • N.H. Board of Veterinary Medicine, appointed by such board
  • N.H. Medical Society, appointed by the society
  • N.H. Dental Society, appointed by the society
  • N.H. Association of Chiefs of Police, appointed by the association
  • A retail pharmacy, appointed jointly by the New Hampshire Pharmacists Association, New Hampshire Independent Pharmacy Association and New Hampshire Association of Chain Drug Stores

The attorney general, or a designee

The commissioner of the Department of Health and Human Services, or a designee

Two public members appointed by the Governor's Commission on Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention, Intervention and Treatment, one of whom may be a member of the commission


NHMS is hopeful that the PMP law will reduce the number of drug-seekers in our emergency rooms and help many of our own patients who may be addicted and acquiring controlled drugs from more than one doctor. 

To read the PMP law, click here. 

There is current legislation to make certain necessary adjustments to the law: SB 83

To follow the progress of the PMP law on the N.H. Board of Pharmacy website, click here.

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