November 14, 2017

As a continuation of my first blog post, I wanted to discuss the experience of attending our yearly annual scientific meetings.  Firstly, the settings we choose are always so beautiful.  This year we met at the Mill Falls at the Lake in Meredith.  What a spectacular setting.  In particular I recall walking to our early yoga experience “Stretch Yourself Techniques for Physicians” led by Michelle Mancherje, MD, at 7:00 AM this past Saturday with the sun rising over the water.  Forty members shared this incredible way to start our day of scientific presentations.

Some highlights of the meeting included Bill Kassler’s great presentation “How Big Data and Advanced Analytics Can Improve Population Health.”  Dr. Kassler has been working on the IBM Watson project for the last 15 months and his insight into this new area of big data applied to medicine was inspiring and enlightening.  In the conference we had several presentations on opiate addiction, covering this area in important new directions.  By the way, these presentations satisfied the new NH licensing requirement of three hours of opioid related CME for the biennial reporting cycle. Thom Bloomquist, MSN, discussed many aspects of non-pharmacologic pain management in an insightful talk, emphasizing the usefulness of paying attention to our attitudes about pain management and the unintended consequences of more usual and typical approaches to pain management.  We also heard of important research by Richard Barth, MD, on decreasing post-operative opioid prescriptions after general surgery.  Polina Sayess, MD, followed these presentations by outlining positive approaches to interviewing in her talk on “Motivational Interviewing.” We also had several talks on the issue of our own wellness, as the pressures on medical practice (including EMRs of course) are eroding our capacity for satisfactory work-life balance. 

The 2018 Annual Scientific Meeting will be held at the lovely Wentworth by the Sea Hotel and Spa in New Castle, NH, from November 9-11.  Please save this date on your calendars for a chance to meet with colleagues for an informative meeting in another beautiful setting.  More information to come about our special hotel rates.