* Second Contoocook bartender diagnosed with hepatitis A"  Concord Monitor 8/31/2013  Read more
  * "First 2013 case of West Nile Virus in NH confirmed in Chesterfield man" Union Leader  9/10/2013 Read more
  * "Finding source of NH salmonella outbreak took science, teamwork and questions" Nashua Telegraph 9/12/13 Read more


Infectious disease has been in the news of late because of the Division of Public Health Services work to identify these cases and help control the spread of infection.  They are a group of skilled professionals whose work is often overlooked until there is an emergency.  In the three cases above, DPHS staff were instrumental in the detection of infection, control of spread and communication to the public about risks and how to protect ourselves.  Without DPHS work, hepatitis A and salmonella surely would have spread further in our communities.  While these individuals do exceptional work, budget cuts leave them less able to address larger public health crises or multiple simultaneous crises as we have been seeing lately.   

If you have patients who were affected by any of these outbreaks, drop the Division of Public Health Services a thank-you note sharing how their work has helped you in your work with your patients.  Better yet, let your state representatives and senators know about the good work DPHS is doing and how you worry that without adequate funding they might not be able to meet the challenges of future outbreaks unless they have funding restored. 

I personally want to thank Dr. Jose Montero and his team for their tireless work to protect the publics health.  Thanks!