August 16, 2017

In early August and early this morning, you should have received an email with yet another survey on physician leadership. It came from us here at NHMS. We are designing our Physician Leadership Program and need your input to help build a New Hampshire specific curriculum and system.

Even if you do not have aspirations to be an administrator, being a physician is a natural leadership role that has minimal formal training in medical school and residency for most physicians. But many people look to you to help solve problems that may be related to your practice, issues at the hospital, or for the community. It would be good to have some exposure and education on leadership skills like managing a difficult conversation, understanding a balance sheet, and changing management, right?

The survey asks questions about several topics for both the system and you as the individual. Even if you think you wouldn't ever participate in a leadership program, your ideas are valuable. It will take less than ten minutes.

Please help us design the best program. Thanks.

Deborah Harrigan, MD

Please send your comments and questions to