IRS Medical Professional Scam Update

FRAUD ALERT: Fraudulent IRS Tax Filings

So far 170 affected providers's names have been turned over to the Secret Service.

This is a national problem and is NOT a data breach on the part of the N.H. Medical Society.

NHMS is trying to get the word out and is collecting names of affected providers and in turn is sending those to the U.S. Secret Service for coordination of the investigation with the IRS.

If you have already reported, thank you. If you have been affected by this scam and have not reported to NHMS yet, please read the alert below and email the information requested. Again, this will be sent to the U.S. Secret Service.


FRAUD ALERT: Medical Provider Social Security Numbers Possibly Compromised – Fraudulent IRS Tax Filings: The New Hampshire Medical Society has been made aware the Social Security numbers of many N.H. physicians, physician assistants, APRNs, podiatrists, and pharmacists may have been compromised resulting in fraudulent tax returns being filed with the IRS. These providers are becoming aware only after attempting to file their 2013 income tax returns with the IRS. We are aware that this has occurred in New Hampshire, Maine, Vermont, Connecticut, Indiana, North Carolina, Michigan, Arizona, Massachusetts, Arkansas, and most likely other states.

NHMS ACTION TAKEN: NHMS has contacted the N.H. Department of Justice; U.S. Secret Service; Governor’s Office; American Medical Association; N.H. congressional delegation in Washington, D.C.; the medical societies in Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts and Vermont; N.H. Board of Medicine; N.H. Hospital Association; and several hospitals and providers to discuss this issue. All parties are very interested in helping affected providers and determining the cause and perpetrators of these alleged acts.


The U.S. Secret Service recommends the following actions to be taken by ALL PHYSICIANS and PHYSICIAN ASSISTANTS:

1. 90-DAY FRAUD ALERT: ALL PHYSICIANS and PHYSICIAN ASSISTANTS are encouraged to go to and place themselves on a 90-day credit fraud alert. This could potentially slow or halt further attempted identity theft activities. This is only suggested out of an abundance of caution – at this time we have no reason to believe that every physician or PA is at risk. Please know that a 90-day credit fraud alert could have some minimal impact on your credit profile.  See the Experian Q & A for more details.  We understand that Experian will feed this information and fraud alert to the other two major credit reporting agencies. If you remain concerned, it was suggested that you go back onto after 89 days to initiate subsequent 90-day credit fraud alerts;

2. NOTIFY NHMS: ONLY if you have been affected by the IRS scam OR if you detect unusual or suspicious activity on your credit report, please notify NHMS Executive Vice President Scott Colby by emailing him the following information:

a. Full name: Last, first, middle initial

b. Home address

c. Phone number

NHMS will then forward this information to the U.S. Secret Service, who will then reach out to the IRS on your behalf. The Secret Service may contact a sample of the providers affected as it investigates the origin of this breach.

3. IRS IDENTITY PROTECTION RESOURCES: If you are affected by this issue, the U.S. Secret Service recommends accessing some of the tools and information available on the IRS website. Click here to access the IRS identity protection information page.

We are hopeful that this information is helpful. Please contact Scott Colby at 603.224.1909 or via email at with any questions.