JUA Settlement Information for those who haven’t heard.

NHMS has received numerous inquiries from physicians who were past NH Medical Malpractice Joint Underwriters Association (JUA) policyholders but who have not received any communications from the class action suit Claims Administrator.  Some of the omissions may be due to address changes (even just a change in suite number), a change in the practice name or dissolution of a practice. Contact Carrie at the JUA, 800 221-2503, to confirm your past status as a policyholder and to find what information was provided to the Claims Administrator.  Next, contact the Claims Administrator to verify your mailing address: 888 714-2403.  Physicians who had their JUA premiums paid by their group may want to clarify who is entitled to settlement funds with their partners and practice manager.Tuesday, September 4, there was a settlement hearing in the JUA class action in Merrimack County Superior Court.  The JUA case is a remarkable class action suit because it covers 26 years of policies, involves 6,240 parties/policy holders with no objectors and there will be 100% recovery of the disputed surplus: $110 million.If the court approves the proposed plan of allocation, class counsel anticipates that policyholders may see a return before fees, expenses and contribution awards of between 36 cents, up to 47 cents for every premium dollar paid to the JUA since 1986.  A decision is expected later this fall.  Stay tuned!  If you are a former JUA policyholder and have not been contacted about the suit, please contact the Claims Administrator: 1-888 714-2403 or Sharon Willier at the Nixon Peabody law firm in Manchester: 628-4000.