NHMS' Dr. Savage Calls for N.H. Study of Therapeutic Cannabis

The N.H. Medical Society has worked with members of the N.H. House to revise HB 573 to limit the potential for unintended negative consequences if the state elects to make clinical cannabis available to patients with serious medical conditions and symptoms that have not responded to approved medications. We greatly appreciate that the legislature has addressed a number of our concerns.   

The revised bill no longer refers to herbal marijuana use as medical treatment, which is important in order to avoid public perceptions of marijuana as similar to FDA-approved medications in meeting standards of safety, efficacy and uniformity. Marijuana supplies that individuals may possess have been decreased, somewhat reducing potential for diversion-related harm, and the bill now requires user education on the risks, side effects and potential benefits of marijuana.  Importantly, a requirement has been added for an interdisciplinary cannabis advisory council that would have oversight of the marijuana system, collect information on broad societal outcomes and make recommendations regarding the system. However, we urge the Senate to go further in assuring that herbal marijuana availability in New Hampshire will, in fact, enhance the quality of life of the individuals who use it and not result in unintended harm for either users or the public at large before committing to an enduring system of clinical cannabis in the state.  Read more