The IRS/SS # scam, which hit last spring has impacted over 210 N.H. providers.

NHMS is maintaining ongoing communication with the Secret Service, which is actively working this case.

Over the past several weeks the Secret Service has reached out to NHMS and asked us to randomly sample the victims of this scam.

They have asked for confirmation of certain activities (unrelated to the practice of medicine) such as relationships with financial advisors, employment management firms, auto financing, home financing, etc.

We continue to believe the Secret Service and the IRS are taking this matter very seriously and doing everything in their power to find the perpetrator(s).

We will keep you apprised of any additional information as it becomes available.

In the interim, please feel free to share the following link to the NHMS website, which contains the alert sent in April.  It provides guidance to those who may not have reported yet: http://www.nhms.org/content/irs-medical-professional-scam-update

NOTE:  The Secret Service is working with the IRS to find the source of the breach.  The Secret Service is NOT working to have your valid tax return processed.  This is your responsibility.  If you feel as though you need extra assistance with this – especially if you are due a refund – please contact Scott Colby who will connect you with N.H.’s IRS Tax Advocate.