Elections bring out strong emotions in all of us.  There are winners and losers and we often feel very strongly about the candidates we supported.  Following the election, we are exhausted from the campaign.  We are left wondering what, if anything, are we to do next and how can we move our agenda forward.  The answer is rarely clear, however, regardless of how we feel about the results of the election, doing nothing is not an option.

The work of the NHMS is critically important to advancing our profession and the public's health. While we may not know how our agenda will be received by our elected officials, we must reach out in good faith to them because they are the ones with whom we will work with over the next few years. 

The first step we must do is reach out to those elected yesterday to open a dialogue with them. Congratulate them on their wins. Share with them that you care deeply about how you serve your patients and that you want to work with them to make healthcare better in New Hampshire. Don't try to win them over today, but open the door to further discussions. Tell them you are a member of the New Hampshire Medical Society. Invite them to contact us with questions, but most of all congratulate them. 

This first step is the most important one in our journey to a better healthcare system here in New Hampshire, because when we are talking to one another we'll climb the staircase together.