This past weekend the NHMS voted in new officers and I was honored to be elected as our 181st president.  Our Society is one of great tradition that values science, advocacy, individual health, public health, and the sacred doctor-patient relationship.  This year I hope to continue the important work of Dr. Cooper and the other 179 presidents who preceded me.  I plan to focus our efforts on: building a robust portfolio of health policy related activities, advocating to reinstate the tobacco tax to prevent youth and adult smoking, and addressing the state budget crisis so future state budgets better reflect New Hampshire and NHMS values. These are big and important initiatives and the NHMS is going to need your help.


The first thing you can do is get out and vote next Tuesday!  All elections are important and historic and this one is no exception. From top to bottom, the people we elect will have a profound effect on access to care, reimbursement, malpractice, public health and even the doctor-patient relationship.  We've all heard an earful from candidates at the top of the tickets, but important local issues, such as the Manchester Charter Commission, can affect the public's health as well.  Take a few minutes to learn about your local issues.  And when you walk into the voting booth remember your patients and our profession -- our future depends on it!