1 Sundial Ave., Ste 512
Manchester, NH 03103

Telephone: 603.712.5027
Contact: Sarah Schwartz, MPH

Minuteman Health is an innovative, non-profit, member-governed plan that was created to give small businesses and their employees access to more affordable, and accountable health insurance.

As a member-governed health insurance company, our members have an unprecedented voice in determining how their health insurance company is managed. Minuteman Health’s unique member-governance structure allows members to elect the board of directors and to run for election to the board. And as a non-profit, any profits will be reinvested into the business or returned to members in the form of lower premiums or increased benefits.

Minuteman Health works closely with physicians and hospitals to make quality care more efficient and accountable. Currently, the Minuteman Health In-Plan provider network includes over 7,500 hospitals, physicians, and specialists who provide high quality care at lower costs.

Minuteman is licensed to operate as a Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and has gained licensure in New Hampshire and anticipates selling products with an effective date of January 1, 2015.