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Wine Tasting Fundraiser CANCELED

Unfortunately, due to numerous conflicts in mid-September, the attendance for the September 11 wine tasting event at the Manchester Country Club in Bedford is projected to be very low and as such, we find it necessary to cancel the event.

NHMS is working with the major sponsors to see if funds will be available to make a small donation to the Safe Sports Network.

If you are interested in donating the amount you paid for the ticket(s) and/or raffle drawing to Safe Sports Network, please let us know.

Otherwise, we will issue full refunds shortly.

Health Alert: Influenza Update #2

NH DHHS has issued another health alert regarding influenza season update, regarding influenza-associated parotitis.

Click here for the full alert.

Do you believe N.H. patients are over-treated or under-treated for pain?

82% (23 votes)
18% (5 votes)
Total votes: 28