A New Year

January 2, 2018

Leaping into 20182018 has arrived. For me it is hard to imagine that 2017 is actually finished. To use a medical metaphor, the many outrageous developments of 2017 have been hard to digest. Is truth really not important anymore? Is the press, historically the fourth estate, appropriate to malign and dismiss, or necessary for our very survival? Is our environment, indeed our planet, important to preserve and cherish, or appropriate to exploit and poison? Should our federal government continue to increase the disparity between the rich and the poor, and encourage less rather than more of our citizens to have health care? These are some of the big questions to wonder about as we leave 2017 and begin 2018. These and other major issues obviously affect the health and well being of us all.

Seasonal Influenza A(H3N2) Activity and Antiviral Treatment

On December 28, 2017, NH DHHS issued a health alert regarding seasonal influenza A(H3N2) activity and antiviral treatment.

NH DPHS Health Alert NetworkKey Points and Recommendations:

  • Influenza activity in New Hampshire and nationally has increased in recent weeks with influenza A(H3N2) viruses predominating so far this season. Prior influenza seasons, in which A(H3N2) virus predominated, have been associated with more hospitalizations and deaths.

Anthem reduces proposed cut for services reported with modifier 25; AMA pursuing further changes

December 28, 2017

Today's AMA Advocacy Update included the following article:

Anthem reduces proposed cut for services reported with modifier 25; AMA pursuing further changes

Gonorrhea Outbreak Update and EPT to Treat Sex Partners

NH DPHS Health Alert NetworkOn December 20, 2017, NH DHHS issued a health alert with an update on the gonorrhea outbreak and information on expedited partner therapy (EPT) to treat sex partners.

Key Points and Recommendations:

NHMS Director of Advocacy Search

December 15, 2017

Founded in 1791, the New Hampshire Medical Society is dedicated and committed to the betterment of public health and physician leadership in the Granite State.

As a registered lobbyist, the Director of Advocacy is responsible for managing the Medical Society’s legislative and regulatory advocacy efforts, reporting directly to the Executive Vice President. Competitive salary and benefits.

Detailed position description

Call to Action to Prevent Emergence and Spread of Antibiotic Resistance

NH Division of Public Health Services Health AlertOn December 13, 2017, NH DHHS issued a health alert regarding the first annual statewide antibiogram in New Hampshire.

Key Points and Recommendations:

Insurance Department Releases Report on 2016 Health Insurance Costs

December 13, 2017,

Concord, NH: The New Hampshire Insurance Department today released its annual report on health insurance costs in the state. The report looks at 2016 data from insurance companies operating in the state.  

“The Insurance Department plays a key role in informing policymakers and the public about our markets,” said New Hampshire Insurance Commissioner Roger Sevigny. “Accurate, in-depth information is more important than ever, as the state grapples with rising costs and instability in the health insurance marketplace.”   

Immigration, the Holocaust and Xenophobia

December 13, 2017

Among the Reeds by Dr. Tammy BottnerI attended a talk this morning by Dr. Tammy Bottner about the struggle of her grandparents and family in surviving the Holocaust. Dr. Bottner, a pediatrician from Newburyport, discussed her grandparent’s horrific ordeal of escaping the Nazi regime in Belgium during World War II. 

Thanksgiving - a Favorite Holiday of Mine

November 28, 2017

Thanksgiving is a favorite holiday of mine, a time of thanks for health and happiness, for gratitude for what I have and compassion and caring for those folks who are less fortunate.  No gifts or cards, just good times with family and friends and lots of food, many favorites and so much to choose from.

It is a time for us to be grateful for all we have.  Yet, I’m always aware that many have so much less.  In the Seacoast this Thanksgiving season, the Portsmouth Herald has run many moving articles on the homeless in New Hampshire, stories of individuals who are struggling without the comforts of home and family, often in tents in the woods as homeless shelters are filled to capacity.  Estimates are that the number of individuals who are homeless has increased this year in NH.  High rents, low-paying jobs (if you have one), health problems and family problems make so many people vulnerable to the possibility of losing their home.