Physician Facilitator Needed

July 8, 2016

Do you know anyone who might be interested in helping to facilitate a discussion group for veterans in Concord?

NH HumanitiesIt’s a commitment that involves attending three weekend trainings this summer at Dartmouth (July 16/17; July 30/31; and August 13/14). The training is free (room and board are paid) with a small stipend for each facilitator. You'll be part of a facilitator team (a scholar, a clinician, and a veteran) leading a 14-week discussion series for veterans using Homer’s Odyssey and contemporary texts. The series will take place in four sites: the Howe Library in Lebanon; NHTI in Concord (confirmation pending); the Currier Museum in Manchester; and Great Bay Community College in Portsmouth.

"We aim to spark a conversation about the soldier’s collective experience and the veteran’s and non-veteran’s relationship to one another in civilian culture.  In a society where citizens are increasingly distanced from the realities of combat, it is imperative for the health of our democracy to bridge the gap in understanding, raising awareness about the experience of veterans returning to civilian life, and the obligations, sacrifices and challenges we face as a nation when we decide to go to war.

Our program will be a success if veterans learn to use humanities tools to articulate their experiences of war; if they talk about and consider ways in which they might have “radically belonged” to a group and how that sense of loss affects homecoming; if they find maps in the literature that show the way home from war; and if they make deep points of connection through belonging to the book group."

Standing Together: The Humanities and the Experience of War

For more information, contact Kathy Mathis, Program Director at or 603.224.4071.