Please Update Your Info on

March 15, 2016

The NH Center for Excellence on behalf of the NH Bureau of Drug and Alcohol Services and the NH Charitable Foundation launched the NH Alcohol and Drug Treatment Locator,, an online directory of alcohol and drug treatment service providers in NH in January 2015.  This site allows practitioners and the general public to search by location, service type, population and payer. Since launching this site several features have been added to enhance usability including:

  • new fields to narrow search results by population and payer type to include all of the new qualified health plans (QHPs);
  • new filters to search for providers who conduct evaluations and providers who prescribe naltrexone (Vivitrol); and
  • an option to print contact lists.

Nearly 300 sites are listed on the treatment locator in large part due to the many organizations and independent clinicians who have included the services they provide to this database.  

In an effort to clean this database to ensure all listings are accurate and up-to-date, the NH Center for Excellence is requesting providers to either:

  • Review and update listing(s), if you are currently listed on this resource; or
  • Include substance use disorder services provided in NH, if you are not currently listed on this resource.

To update or add new services, please click on "submit edits" from the tool bar on the treatment locator homepage.