Recap of 2017 NHMS Conference

November 14, 2017

As a continuation of my first blog post, I wanted to discuss the experience of attending our yearly annual scientific meetings.  Firstly, the settings we choose are always so beautiful.  This year we met at the Mill Falls at the Lake in Meredith.  What a spectacular setting.  In particular I recall walking to our early yoga experience “Stretch Yourself Techniques for Physicians” led by Michelle Mancherje, MD, at 7:00 AM this past Saturday with the sun rising over the water.  Forty members shared this incredible way to start our day of scientific presentations.



On Saturday, November 4, 2017, Leonard Korn, MD, was inaugurated as the 186th president of the New Hampshire Medical Society.

Dr. Korn is a psychiatrist in private practice in Portsmouth and has been on the medical staff of Portsmouth Regional Hospital since 1974.  For many years, Dr. Korn was a member of the hospital’s ethics committee, including five years as chair.

Since 2003, he has served on the executive council of the New Hampshire Psychiatric Society and served as its president from 2007-2011.

Dr. Korn graduated from the University of Chicago Pritzker School of Medicine and did his residency in psychiatry at Maine Medical Center in Portland and University of Wisconsin in Madison.  He is board certified in general psychiatry, and was board certified in forensic psychiatry from 1999-2009.

Focusing on the Year

November 8, 2017

This past Saturday, I had the honor to be inaugurated as president of your New Hampshire Medical Society.  What an awesome experience being with such a supportive crowd at our Annual Scientific Meeting in lovely Meredith, NH. As noted in my inaugural address, I hope I carry this august responsibility with grace, dignity and competence, as have so many before me.

The speech outlined my theme for the coming year as “the many points of intersection between mental health and medicine in general.” It is certainly an area of particular interest for me as a psychiatrist, but also for the Medical Society as well. Indeed, mental health issues were rated the number one issue in our 2017 survey of New Hampshire physicians.

Talk About It

            November 1, 2017

Thank you for an incredible year as your president.  As I look back on the successes and challenges of the year, I think the Medical Society is headed in the right direction with our advocacy, CME accreditation program, our relationships with other state stakeholders and with our progress toward development of a New Hampshire Physician Leadership program.

I think our biggest challenge is finding an effective way to communicate our strengths with members and non-members.  We need to rely on word of mouth and direct invitation.  Do you know if the other doctors in your group are members?  If they aren't, why not?  Could you ask them to join?  Our strength is our members.

I met a doctor from our state recently at an out of state conference.  I asked him if he was a member and he wasn't.  He had been a member, but felt that because he is employed that he could cancel his membership as the hospital would advocate for him.


October 18, 2017

Woodman Museum Voices from the Past Living History TourI enjoyed being a tour guide at the Voices from the Past living history cemetery tours sponsored by the Woodman Institute this past weekend. There were 40 volunteers who made the event possible. It was a good time and approximately 500 community members toured the cemetery. In comparison to my professional volunteering, my civic volunteering has been limited. I have many reasons - work, family, work, family. Although this effort was not humanitarian or grand, it was a fun, good time.

Las Vegas

October 4, 2017

#VegasStrongYesterday morning I arrived at the gym and the TV was showing the horror from Sunday night. I thought, “Again? The worst ever?” Unbelievable. Unexplainable intent and unexplainable process that someone could get that many weapons to carry out such a despicable crime.

Then I started to feel rather useless and futile. I thought, here we go again, trying to lobby the lawmakers to have sensible restrictions on ownership to limit military grade weapons for personal use, waiting periods for gun ownership, and training/testing/licensure for gun ownership. It seems that each horrific incident brings this issue to the front, but then it fades away over time as other pressing issues like the opioid epidemic retake their position on center stage.  

Take the Call

September 13, 2017

"Take the Call"How do you respond when calling another physician to discuss a patient and the office staff asks, “Do you want me to interrupt him/her?” 

How do you feel when someone does request to have you interrupted and when you get to the phone the caller’s office staff says, “Oh, let me get him,” while you now wait for the caller to begin the call?

Each of these situations makes me frustrated and contributes to my sense of depersonalization in medicine. Communication is key to professional behavior.

Missed Opportunities

ice creamAugust 30, 2017

The worst day of the summer arrived last Friday night. The Dover Delite ice cream stand closed for the season. Every day I ride my bike past the stand and think “I should stop soon to treat myself.” I always say - “tomorrow I'll think about it”, “ice cream makes my stomach hurt”, and “it's not necessary” to talk myself out of it. But seeing the place actually closed, made me want it more. I missed my opportunity. 

Survey on Physician Leadership

August 16, 2017

In early August and early this morning, you should have received an email with yet another survey on physician leadership. It came from us here at NHMS. We are designing our Physician Leadership Program and need your input to help build a New Hampshire specific curriculum and system.

Even if you do not have aspirations to be an administrator, being a physician is a natural leadership role that has minimal formal training in medical school and residency for most physicians. But many people look to you to help solve problems that may be related to your practice, issues at the hospital, or for the community. It would be good to have some exposure and education on leadership skills like managing a difficult conversation, understanding a balance sheet, and changing management, right?

Leadership and Advocacy

July 31, 2017

Last week was an exciting week for me. Not only did my son go away to summer camp, but I also gained clarity in my plans for my job at the hospital. The best part of the week was the kickoff meeting for our new NH Physician Leadership Development Advisory Council. We have several leaders from across the state participating on the advisory council. As part of our program development, we are planning to survey New Hampshire physicians to better assess their needs in leadership training. We have developed and reviewed a survey tool that will be sent this week. Please complete it, even if you feel you would not want to participate or feel you wouldn't get anything from a program.