Zika Virus Update #7

On October 19, the NH DHHS issued their seventh Zika virus health alert regarding updated guidance relative to Zika transmission in Southeast Asia and Florida.

NH Division of Public Health Services health alert networkKey Points and Recommendations:

  • CDC recommendations to protect pregnant women and their infants from Zika continue to be dynamic. Pregnant women should continue to avoid all non-essential travel to areas with active Zika virus transmission. This currently includes:
  • These guidelines will change according to the epidemic evolution. Healthcare providers should stay updated on areas with active Zika virus transmission using the CDC resources above; we will no longer utilize our HAN mechanism for routine travel updates.
  • The New Hampshire Division of Public Health Services, Bureau of Infectious Disease Control, continues to recommend that o All pregnant women who have traveled to an area of active Zika virus transmission while pregnant or who became pregnant within 12 weeks of travel be tested for Zika virus infection. 
    • Men returning from an affected area who have a pregnant partner should either abstain from sexual activity or use condoms with their partner for the duration of the pregnancy. 
    • Men returning from an affected area who have a non-pregnant partner should use condoms or abstain from sex for at least 6 months to avoid pregnancy and prevent transmission of Zika to their sex partner. 
    • Non-pregnant women returning from an affected area should avoid pregnancy for at least 8 weeks.

  • To test patients for Zika, healthcare providers must call and confirm the testing indication with the NH DPHS. To facilitate appropriate counseling, please do not direct your patients to call NH DPHS directly. NH DPHS’s number is 603-271-4496 (after hours 603-271-5300).

Read the Full DHHS Alert