Compliancy Group

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Compliancy Group enables healthcare professionals to Achieve HIPAA compliance through their proprietary web-based compliance software, The Guard™. The Guard™ is a user friendly and cost-effective solution. Their team of expert Compliance Coaches™ guides users to Achieve, Illustrate, and Maintain™ total HIPAA compliance.  

Upon completion of their six-stage HIPAA compliance implementation process, clients are eligible to receive Compliancy Group's HIPAA Seal of Compliance™. The Seal can be displayed on clients’ websites as well as in email signatures, verifying and validating that the organization has all of the documentation necessary to prove a “good faith effort” towards HIPAA compliance.  

Clients that experience a data breach can be confident that Compliancy Group will help them through it. Compliancy Group offers full audit support for their clients subject to a HIPAA audit, and they have never failed an audit on behalf of their clients. Compliancy Group is the industry leader in simplified HIPAA compliance, allowing healthcare professionals to confidently run their practice, while Compliancy Group manages their HIPAA compliance program.