Doc2Doc Lending, Inc.

809 State St.
Portsmouth, NH 03801

Telephone:  508-736-7427
Contact:  G. Kenton Allen, MD, Co-Founder

Doc2Doc is a company founded by doctors, for doctors, providing loans to practitioners at all stages of your career.  They understand the financial challenges brought on by the pursuit of medical training and practice as they have personally lived through them.  As a result, they believe that doctors should have fast access to funds at a price that recognizes the financial reality of the physician lifecycle — giving you credit for the financial success in your future, rather than penalizing you for the financial challenges of the past.

At Doc2Doc, they look beyond the FICO score and incorporate doctor-specific factors into your interest rate calculation. Understanding the multitudes of demand on your time as a physician, their online application can be completed in less than five minutes. Finally, as fellow physicians, they aim to build a network of like-minded borrowers navigating financial challenges and celebrating successes as a community.

Check them out at today and include code D2DNHMS for a $100 credit towards any new loan.

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