Help NHAFP Enhance Your Practice Impact

The American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP) and your state chapter (NHAFP) need your help to improve the health and wellness of patients in your state!

 Do you wish you had…

• more ways to help your patients with MENTAL HEALTH disorders get counseling?

• more services for your patients with DIABETES to get help with healthier lifestyle options?

• ways to help your patients address their TRANSPORTATION challenges?

• ways to help all your patients achieve OPTIMAL HEALTH? 

Our goal is to identify passionate family physicians and other champions with whom we can develop an effective plan to improve health and wellness for all. 

Please fill out this approximately 10 minute survey to help improve your patients’ health and wellness and help us better understand how to address health inequity in your communities more effectively. 

This short survey will help us learn more about you, your work, as well as your interests and expertise related to health equity.  

We appreciate your time and look forward to reviewing your response. Please feel free to reach out with any questions.


Melissa Duxbury, MD

President, NHAFP


Marie-Elizabeth Ramas, MD, FAAFP

MAL, Alternate Delegate, NHAFP