NH COVID-19 Vaccine Alliance Summary 3-30-21

Legal Issues in Requiring or Incentivizing COVID-19 Vaccinations

March 30, 2021

The March 30th meeting of the NH COVID-19 Vaccine Alliance: recap of the key takeaways from the week of March 22, showcased the Fidelity Investments Clinic (Merrimack, NH Campus) vaccine clinic with the Nashua Regional Public Health Network; reminder on transfer to NH-IIS beginning April 1; and a panel discussion on legal issues surrounding the requiring or incentivizing COVID-19 vaccines with attorneys Ken Bartholomew, Robert Best and Lucy Hodder.

Video (YouTube) of 3-30-21 NH COVID-19 Vaccine Alliance Meeting

Slide Deck of 3-30-21 NH COVID-19 Vaccine Alliance Meeting (PDF)

Materials discussed and available:

Mandatory Vaccine Policies Presentation - Robert Best, JD (PDF)

Employer COVID-19 Vaccination Policies Presentation- Kenneth Bartholomew, JD (PDF)

COVID-19 Vaccine Frequently Asked Questions for Employers (PDF)  -  MSWord version

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