Help Solve the Prior Authorization Issue

Many physicians have expressed frustration with insurance companies and the prior authorization process affecting their ability to provide quality patient care.


The good news is that, as physicians, you are uniquely suited to make a difference on this issue.


Click here to read a sample letter that NHMS member Dr. Mark Windt sent to both his patient's insurance company and his senators and representative. 


As Dr. Windt says, "Insurance companies, especially Medicare, do not want to get a call from a U.S. representative or's a way for our representatives in Congress to be made more aware of the struggles that physicians go through trying to provide the best care for our patients."


We encourage you to be proactive!


If you have contacted your senators or representatives regarding the prior authorization burden and patient access to appropriate care and medication, please email a redacted version to  We'll post it to this page to show just how important this problem is.


Learn more about how to contact your elected officials in our Legislative Tool Kit.