Measles in NH: UPDATE

On May 24, 2019, NH DHHS issued a health alert update on measles in New Hampshire.

KNH Division of Public Health Services Health Alert Networkey Points and Recommendations:

  1. We previously notified healthcare providers of a child from the Keene, NH area who was diagnosed with measles on Friday 5/17 after presenting with measles compatible symptoms with a nasopharyngeal swab that was PCR+ for the measles virus.
  2. We discovered that the child had received the MMR vaccine 5 days before onset of their symptoms so we sent the nasopharyngeal swab to a public health reference lab for expedited specialized genotype testing for virus strain identification. Awaiting this result, we elected to identify and protect exposed susceptible individuals due to the short window of time for post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP).
  3. Testing has returned showing the child was positive for vaccine-strain measles virus (genotype A).
  4. Vaccine-strain measles can occasionally be identified post-vaccination but it is not transmissible person-to-person. Therefore, the public is not at risk for measles from this child:
  5. There is no measles known to be circulating in NH communities; however, given the unprecedented increase in measles nationally, healthcare providers need to continue to ensure their patients are vaccinated according to evidence-based recommendations.

Read the full DHHS health alert