Dr. Tessa Lafortune-Greenberg - hockey poseJanuary 30, 2019

This weekend I participated in the Black Ice Pond Hockey Tourney at White Park, here in Concord. This a four-day (typically – when the weather cooperates) hockey tournament that occurs right in the middle of our long winters here in the Granite State. For me, it is a time for me to get outside and enjoy playing hockey during a time when I am not typically enjoying the cold weather.  

We are right in the middle of our short daylight days of the year and in the midst of flu season. So it’s nice to get out and breathe in the fresh air and shake some of the cobwebs from our winter minds. I enjoy seeing all the members of our community coming out and spending time on the ice. It is fun to see some of my colleagues, my patients and their families and cheer each other on. Getting out and talking with our neighbors and meeting new people in our community is the first step in making connections that help us build a strong foundation for a healthy community.   

Dr. Tessa Lafortune-Greenberg playing hockeyDuring these events, I am reminded that this is the community I am working for every day in small ways. And I hope during this coming year that I can do more during my time as President of the New Hampshire Medical Society. I just have to be sure that I don’t get hurt out on the ice, so I can carry out all of my duties! 

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