January 24, 2017

The energy from the Women's March showed how well a small seed of social media can blossom into a potential movement. Although very abrasive, Michael Moore was correct in his statements regarding continued involvement in the process.

As we start the senate confirmation hearings for Tom Price, MD, for Secretary of Health and Human Services, a repeal of the ACA is anticipated and changing Medicaid to block grants is likely. The replacement plan needs to be discussed and considered. A recent study of the economic impacts of repeal without replacement show it to be disastrous for the medical community and the country.

I am very concerned about what the replacement plan would contain. We at the Medical Society are crafting a position statement about what the bare minimum should contain. We welcome your comments as we work on this. Please contact me or NHMS EVP Jim Potter with your thoughts. Giving your thoughts would be a step in continued involvement.


Deb Harrigan, MD

Please send any questions or comments to president@nhms.org.