Seeking: Physician/Consultant, New Hampshire Board of Medicine

July 9, 2019

The New Hampshire Board of Medicine (“Board”) is soliciting written proposals from qualified physicians to serve as a consultant/investigator to the Medical Review Subcommittee (“MRSC”).  The position is an independent contractor.  The current consultant works 45 hours per month.

The work entails helping the Board/MRSC staff review all incoming complaints, claims, suits and other issues and then help open investigative cases by asking for the proper information and obtaining the information in a timely fashion.  Once all the information is obtained, the Physician Investigator will then help the MRSC staff assign the investigated cases to one of the 13 MRSC members (9 physicians, 1 Physician Assistant and 3 public members).  The Physician Investigator will assist the MRSC members in writing up their reports of investigation and also help staff collect the completed reports to be presented at a monthly meeting where voting recommendations to the full Board are made. The meeting is a full afternoon, the first Wednesday of every month.

If the expertise to review a case doesn’t exist amongst the MRSC members, the Physician Investigator then obtains an outside expert by directly contacting an appropriate in-state specialist, who is licensed in NH, to help write up a report of investigation.  This also happens when an MRSC member is recused from doing an investigation.   A logbook list of names of willing outside experts in various specialties is available.

The Physician Investigator will also help the Board in recruiting new members of the MRSC.   The MRSC members’ commitment is 3 years with one renewal (6 year term limit).  The specialties represented on the MRSC are Family Practice, Int. Medicine/Hospitalist, OB/GYN, Orthopaedic Surgery, General Surgery, Anesthesia/Pain, Radiology, Emergency Medicine, Psychiatry, a physician assistant, and 3 public members.  These provider specialties represent the fields wherein most of our complaints, claims and suits arise.

The job not only requires working closely with the Board’s MRSC staff, but also with the attorneys and staff at the Attorney General’s Administrative Prosecutions Unit (“APU”).   The Physician Investigator helps the APU with their investigations and also preparing for hearings.


The Physician must hold a current unrestricted license to practice medicine in the State of New Hampshire and be able to be present at the Board office in Concord ideally twice a week.  Previous experience in quality assurance, medical/legal investigations are helpful but not necessary.  Must have good written and oral communication skills and be able to effectively interact with varied and diverse groups.


If interested and/or have questions, contact Ms. Penny Taylor, Administrator for the New Hampshire Board of Medicine at 603-271-1205 or

Per State of NH requirements, a formal bidding process is required.  A list of interested parties will be maintained and notified when the Request for Proposal (“RFP”) is advertised, so that they can submit a formal bid for services.