Members' Corner

Please Submit Articles for Members’ Corner - Sharing Ideas among NH Physicians

The Medical Society is adding a new feature to our publications the - NHMS Pulse weekly e-newsletter and bi-monthly New Hampshire Physician - magazine to be called Members’ Corner. With this new column, we hope to encourage NHMS members to express their views on a variety of issues relating to the practice of medicine and public health.

Members’ Corner will include selected articles or essays (or even fiction or poetry) focusing on personal and professional issues impacting doctors in New Hampshire. In short, we want to provide a forum for sharing the “voices” of the Medical Society’s members, thereby increasing the involvement of our members in issues vital to us as physicians and stimulating thought for us all. We will also encourage “Letters to the Editor,” responding to articles published in our prior editions.

We hope that Members’ Corner will be a valuable addition to our publications and will further the NHMS mission of “creating the world we envision.”

Please submit articles for our Members’ Corner to

Teflon and Thistles by Dr. Paula Mahon

Parasitology : A Fable of Wuchereria Bancrofti by Dr. Paula Mahon 

Angell by Dr. Oge Young 

Healthy Voting During the Pandemic by Dr. Tom Sherman 

Grace by Dr. Oge Young