Membership Information

Become a New Hampshire Medical Society member! We are the only organization that represents ALL New Hampshire physicians.

What does membership include? See our Member Benefits.

First Year/New Member

Active members shall be physicians, except as otherwise specifically noted, who are in good standing and who shall pay dues. Only active members may vote at the General Session and hold office unless otherwise specified below. We offer reduced membership fees for your first and second year membership as licensed physicians. 

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Associate Member

Associate members are physicians who are active members in another state medical society.

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Emeritus Member

Emeritus members shall have been members in good standing of this Society or another state medical society for a period of at least 20 years and one or more of the following circumstances shall apply: full retirement from all medical employment, attainment of at least age 65, or full disability. 

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Physician Assistant

Physician Assistant members of this Society are those physician assistants who are licensed by the State Board of Medicine and are supervised by a physician who is a member of the Society. Physician Assistant members shall pay dues as determined by the Board. 

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Post-Graduate Trainee Member

Post-graduate Trainee members include residents or fellows who may or may not be licensed to practice medicine in New Hampshire. These are eligible to be post-graduate trainee members. Such members shall not be required to pay dues. 

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Student Member

Medical students or interns who may or may not be licensed to practice medicine in New Hampshire are eligible to be post-graduate trainee members. 

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Corporate Affiliate Member

Companies that would like to support our physician membership can become a member of our corporate affiliate program (CAP). The NHMS Board will approve or deny corporate affiliate program membership based on the following guidelines:

  • The company’s product or service is deemed of potential interest to physicians on a personal or professional level consistent with the values and mission of the Medical Society not intrinsically harmful to or obstructive of the public health or welfare of physicians and/or patients.
  • The company’s marketing of products and services is not misleading or inconsistent with the values and mission of the Medical Society.
  • Companies whose sole purpose or commonly recognized purposes are among the following will generally not be considered for membership: manufacturing of tobacco or related products; or the marketing of religious or political products or services.

You must fill out a CAP application and then be approved by our Board.

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