Board, Council, & Committees

2024 Board of Directors

The NHMS Board of Directors is the governing body of the Society.

Executive Officers
President:    Maria T. Boylan, DO
President-Elect:    Patrick A. Ho, MD, MPH
Immediate Past President:    Eric Y. Loo, MD
Treasurer:    Tessa Lafortune-Greenberg, MD
Secretary:    Danielle T. Albushies, MD
AMA Delegate:    P. Travis Harker, MD, MPH
Trustee: Bowler Bartlett Foundation Chair/BOD:    L. John Klunk, MD
Director-at-Large:    Melissa Martinez-Adorno, MD
Director-at-Large:    James P. Bartels, MD
Director-at-Large:    Stephen G. M. Bishop, MD
Director-at-Large:    Marie E. Ramas, MD

2024 Council

The NHMS Council functions as the principle advisory board for the Society, and voice for NHMS physician membership throughout the state. 

Penultimate Past President:   Eric A. Kropp, MD
Speaker:    Gary A. Sobelson, MD
AMA Alternate Delegate:   
Alan C. Hartford, MD 
Richard E. Johnson, MD    
Neil S. Meehan, DO
Mark R. Windt, MD
Seddon R. Savage, MD
Medical Student:   
Ernie Tao
Amy L. Lee, DO
George Letterio, MD
Victoria Jones, MD
Young Physician Representative:   
Ross M. Bickford, MD
Young Physician Representative:   
Terra C. Wilkins, MD
Physician Assistant:   
Linda L. Martino, PA-C
OPLC/Board of Medicine:   
Marc L. Bertrand, MD
Lay Person:   
Lucy Hodder, JD
Physician Representative NH DHHS:    
Jonathan R. Ballard, MD

Specialty Society Reps:

NH Chapter American Acad. of Addiction Medicine:    Audrey M. Kern, MD
NH Chapter of American College of Physicians:    Lin A. Brown, MD
NH Society of Anesthesiologists:    Robert J. Laflam, MD
NH Chapter of American College of Cardiology:    Appointment needed. Please contact Catrina Watson.
NH Chapter of Emergency Physicians:    Todd Morrell, MD
NH Society of Eye Physicians & Surgeons:    Kimberly (Truax) Licciardi, MD
NH Academy of Family Physicians:    Angela Yerdon, DO
NH Academy of Family Physicians:    Xi Nuo Gao, MD
NH General Surgery:    Lisa A. Patterson, MD
NH College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists:    Oge Young, MD
NH Orthopaedic Society:    Anthony Mollano, MD
NH Osteopathic Association:    Franklin R. Hubbell, DO
NH Society of Pathologists:    Shabnam Momtahen, MD
NH Pediatric Society:    Francis B. Lim-Liberty, MD
NH Psychiatric Society:    John A. Hinck, MD
NH Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation: Xiaoli Dong, MD
NH Radiology Society:
    Rebecca A. Zuurbier, MD